Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Has God's Favor Left U.S.?

The message from the pulpit at Mega-church has been rather gloomy of late. It's being purported that God's favor has left the U.S. and North America and has shifted to Africa, India, and South America. Basically, we've blown it. God lost his patience with us and Holy Spirit has given us the ol' "hasta la vista, baby."

Having a bit of a prophets heart, I don't mind a little fire and brimstone. I'm just at a bit of a loss for what my response is supposed to be. Pack my bags for the third world and chase after God's favor? Clothe myself in sacloth and ashes? Buck up and accept the fact that my Heavenly Father likes my African, Indian and South American brothers better than me?

I notice that the Old Testament prophets usually provided a message of hope in the midst of their tirades of gloom and judgment. I think that's what I'm missing. I feel beaten down and shamed without being given a remedy.

Oops, where has the time gone? It's time for my self-flaggelation.


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At 5:41 PM, Blogger AnonymousCog said...

We have probably been living on the fat of the land long enough...

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Voice in the Wilderness said...

What? The spiritual Atkins diet isn't working? It's going to give us heart trouble?

At 2:57 AM, Blogger AnonymousCog said...

The other day someone told me that since we are the King's Kids we should have the best of everything. I believe God will meet our needs and prosper us as our soul prospers first of all-but that person's statement just sort of summarized how a lot of Christianity in the US is intrinsically linked to capitalism and republican values.



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