Monday, April 17, 2006

Reformation of the Mega-Church Name-o-Rama

Alert ecb reader, Andy Rau, has taken our How to Name Your Suburban Mega-Church in Three Easy Steps and (in true Calvinist form) REFORMED it!

Way to go, Andy! Kudos!

I had a bit too much fun with his name generator, and started to wonder what a name generator for churches in my own denomination would look like. Like most good Calvinists, I’m a member of the West Michigan-based Christian Reformed denomination. The lists below can be used to name your very own Reformed church in the Midwest—just pick one term at random from List 1, then List 2, and so forth until you have a full name for your church. (All in good fun, of course.) Click here to read the rest of Andy's post...

As I commented on Andy's site, ThinkChristian, this is pretty creative for a guy from the Christian Reformed denomination. I thought they frowned upon creativity, but maybe that was just on the sabbath!


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Most sought after Name:

Drum-roll Please
After much agonizing debate the Judges have made their decision.


How ever I think this name might be already in use, and we don't want to end up in legal problems.

I found what I thought is a pretty good read at:

Have a great day in Jesus,



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