Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Don't Think You'll Find Pat Robertson There

A friend told me last weekend about the Church Has Left the Building conference in Seattle. I love the name and spirit of the conference. I perused their blog and site. If I were able to attend, the following workshop would be on my list of musts:

How did an instrument of torture wind up in Madonna’s cleavage? Hosted by Mark Pierson, the executive director at Urban Seed, Melbourne. Worship as mission...curating worship, art as worship, worship without censorship, anything goes is worship… a workshop to explore putting it all together… no boundaries, no right ways, not for the faint hearted. Mark describes himself as a GenX-er trapped in an aging boomer body.

Somehow, [rubbing chin thoughtfully]I don't think you'll find a booth from Focus on the Family at this conference.

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