Saturday, March 18, 2006

St. Patricks Day & St. Brigid

I went out for a great St. Patrick's celebration last night. I was with a group of my favorite people - believers who enjoy living outside the Evangelical box. We hit a couple of different places, listening to a truly wonderful pipe and drum corp, the New Anarchy String Band playing wonderful, traditional Irish drinking songs and finishing the night with the music of the band, Immersion. What a night -great music, pints of Guinness, and the best cigar in the world - a Davidoff No. 2. To top it off, the conversation was equally as great.

I told people about this blog and my last post, to which I received high-fives and requests for the link, which was nice. One of my friends discussed his increasing love for C.S. Lewis. He shared a story he recently read in which an article boasted of C.S. Lewis' piety and temperance. J.R.R. Tolkein, a fellow inkling, took exception to the piece, relating that Lewis had, that morning at breakfast, stopped after three pints because he was cutting back for Lent.

The night brought back fond memories of a trip I made to Ireland years ago. I ran across this from St. Brigid:

I would like to have the men of Heaven
In my own house
With vats of good cheer
Laid out for them
I would like to have the three Marys
Their fame is so great
I would like people
From every corner of Heaven
I would like them to be cheerful
In their drinking
I would like to have Jesus too
Here amongst them
I would like a great lake of beer
For the King of Kings
I would like to be watching Heaven's family
Drinking it through all eternity.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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